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Julie's editor Carody Culver spills the beans:

While I was impressed by so many entries to Viva La Novella - the quality of the writingand the breadth of ideas - The Neighbour was an imediate standout for me. I was taken with the story and the prose style from the very first page, and by the end of the first chapter, I was completly imersed in the lives of Julie Proudfoot's characters and the predicament in which they found themselves. I just wanted to keep reading, and when I'd finished, the story stayed with me; I knew I'd found my winnerRead more here.

Lisa Hill of AnzLitLovers features Julie in her regular segment Meet An Aussie Author

A novella of 204 pages, it is a gripping tale of life gone horribly wrong. It begins with a perfectly ordinary scene in domestic suburbia, but a tragedy unhinges all the characters in one way or another,especially the central character Luke. Haunted by the childhood death of his brother, Luke tangles guilt and responsibility and tries desperately to prove to himself that he's not a bad man. Read more here.

Julie chats with author, reviewer and blogger Annabel Smith:

My bad habits are a drawer full of lollies/sweets that I munch faster and faster as the writing pace increases, and coffee. Although I can’t drink much coffee because it gives me leg cramps (imagine what it does to heart muscles) so I save coffee for when I really need my brain to be slippery. Read more here.

Julie chats with Author and Blogger Natasha Ewendt about the menaing of life.. which is apparently no 43...:

A theme that is really important to me in The Neighbour, which may not even be clear to anyone but me, is that we as people are where we are at right now due to a series of events that we could never have planned or foreseen. I’m thinking about over years of time. We are a result of the lives we were born into, and that includes the parents we have, the town or country we grew up in, the schools we went to, and the people who influenced us. Read more here.

Reviews of The Neighbour:

ANZ Lit Lovers : "I won’t spoil the powerful impact of Luke’s transgressions by telling you what they are, but I can tell you that you won’t be able to put the book down.  Julie draws on her background in psychology and sociology to render events with extraordinary authenticity."

Adventures of A Blokonaut: "The ending was a surprise that I didn’t see coming and left me with the feeling that I had been thoroughly at the mercy of the author’s skill.  I hope this is only the beginning for Proudfoot."

Purchase The Neighbour here.

Elizabeth Lhuede from Devoted Ecletic reviews The Neighbour:

Julie Proudfoot’s debut novella The Neighbour hit my radar when I heard it won the Seizure Viva La Novella Prize earlier this month. When I read the pitch, I knew I’d have to read the book. Read more here.


To win a national prize for your first attempt at long-formed fiction writing is quite an accomplishment for any writer, but this is exactly what happened to Bendigo writer Julie Proudfoot. In June of this year Julie was announced as a winner in the 2014 Seizure Viva La Novella Prize, part of The Emerging Writers’ Festival in Melbourne for her novella: The Neighbour. 

Julie has been a writer and blogger for some years now and has had fiction, non-fiction, and poetry works published in many national and international journals, including an interview with the late Elizabeth Jolley. 

The Neighbour began as a project in a novel writing class. Then titled Drowning, Julie continued working on the story after the class had ended. Once completed, an editor suggested it be submitted for the prize, there was a title change and The Neighbour became a winner.

In her teens, Julie first expressed her interest in becoming a writer to a friend. When asked: "What would you write?" Julie replied "Don't know. I haven't lived enough." Since that time she has graduated with degrees in Psychology and Sociology from LaTrobe University, worked as a bookseller, creative writing mentor, property manager, and dental nurse. These experiences, particularly her psychology background now feed into her work.

As well as launching The Neighbour at the upcoming Bendigo Writers Festival in August, Julie will be chairing a panel during the festival. 

Copies of The Neighbour will be available for purchase at the festival but if you'd like to get a copy before then visit: Readings:, or

Here's two reviews of the book: and

E copies can bought from: (the Kindle version is only $4.65 U.S.), or

Julie's blog:

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Julie was at the Capital Thatre to kick off launch of the 2014 Bendigo Writers festival

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June 3rd, 2014

Well it finally arrived! - The announcement of the Seizure Viva La Novella Prize. It was an amazing night, a lot scary, and a huge amount of fun, but I'm thinking that's what you can expect from the lovely, passionate group of people at Seizure Online. As a result, The Neighbour is now available!


In may we kicked off the new author interview series, Lychees or Peaches? First up was children's author Ian Trevaskis followed by multi genre author Pamela Freeman. All Lychees or Peaches? interviews will be posted on the Passages of Writing blog here . If you're an author with at least one published book under your belt, and you would like to join in on the interviews, use the contact form on the contact page here.


In late February 2014 Julie had the excellent news that she was Short listed for Seizure’s Viva La Novella Prize 2014 for her psychological fiction book 'The Neighbour'. 

The exciting announcement of the four winners of the shortlist will be at an event at The Emerging Writers Festival in Melbourne on June 2nd so if you plan to be around Melbourne at that time go along and watch the winners announced! It should be a lot of fun, and Julie will be there win or lose!

Leading up to the annoucement a question and answer biography of all shortlisters has been put together. Julie's can be read at this link here.

In early April Julie had a short Flash fiction published with Serizure Online's Flashers. Seizure's flashers are known for their fun and attention grabbing prose and Julie's 'Box and Cross' fitted right in. You can read it by clicking here.

During the first six months of 2013, Julie had five art works displayed in art shows in the View Point Gallery in Bendigo, Julie also participated in ViewPoint Handmade Galler Artist Spotlight Q and A. The fascinating interview about Julie and her art can be read by clicking here. You can also see some of Julie's artworks at her art page here.

In March, 2013, Julie's short story, One Tiny Hair, was published at AntipodeanSF. One Tiny hair follows the shrinking journey of a man after a surgeon's hair falls into his vascectomy operastion. One Tiny Hair can be read by clicking here.

One Tiny hair was also published in audio (read by Julie) on the April edition of the AntiSF Radio show which is broadcast in the Nambucca Valley, on the Mid North Coast of NSW on one Sunday evening a month, on community radio, 2NVR, 105.9FMThis audio can be listened to by clicking here. (if you'd like to cheat - Julie starts reading around the 8 mins, thirty seconds mark) 

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