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Count down to the official launch of 'The Neighbour'
It is these insights into Luke's disturbed mind that makes this book so compelling.  Although occasionally we see things from the perspective of Angie, the one that Luke most wants to 'help', most of the novella is written from his point-of-view, revealing the deterioration of his state-of-mind and the strange way that he interprets events and interactions and how that impacts on his other relationships. Of all the nightmare scenarios I can think of, having a neighbour who's a stalker would have to be one of the worst.

Lisa Hill, ANZ Lit Lovers  

The Neighbour lulled me first with the normality of life in Australian suburbia and despite the fact that the plot is sketched out on the back cover, still managed to blindside me with the inciting moment.  Perhaps it was denial though; that I didn't want to think that Proudfoot would do what she did.  Once I was over that initial shock (one that had me put the book down for a moment), I was drawn back in as she slowly began unravelling personalities, mysteries and histories. It was a tense journey that kept me close.

Sean Wright, Adventures of a Bookonaut

The Neighbour does deal with dark aspect of suburbia, but its impact is different from other writers' work. Whereas books like Dawn Barker's Let Her Go tease the reader with the possibility that something awful will happen... the terrible event in The Neighbour happens early and happens hard, leaving the reader in no doubt. When it occurs, it's of such a horrific nature that its impact reverberates throughout the rest of the story 

Elizabeth Lhuede, Australian Women Writers Challenge.

The Neighbour is a powerful blend of psychological drama and domestic realism, and it tackles some weighty themes?guilt, redemption, coping with grief?without ever feeling heavy-handed. One of the reasons it struck me was its potential resonance with readers: it deals with a topic that's quite controversial and a situation that could happen to anyone (without wanting to give too much away, the story centres on a terrible accident that changes the lives of two families who live next door to one another).

Carody Culver, Editor

"The Neighbour is an astute psychological drama that offers a powerful and literary meditation on the nature of guilt and responsibility."

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How quickly can a perfect summer day turn to disaster?  For Luke and those people closest to him, it took just seconds for their lives to disintegrate.

The Neighbour explores the downfall of Luke, who is carrying a childhood burden, after a simple neighbourly request turns to disaster.

Julie is launching The Neighbour on Saturday afternoon, August 9th at the Banquet Room in Bendigo's Capital Theatre building. Read more here.

Listen to Julie Proudfoot talk about The Neighbour

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Julie Proudfoot and The Bendigo Writers Festival invite you to the official launch of Julie's debut novel, winner of the Seizure Viva La Novella prize, 'The Neighbour'. The launch will take place on Saturday August 9th at 2pm in the Banquet room at the Capital Theatre. Julie will be in conversation with Castlemaine's Kirsten Krauth, author of Just_a_Girl. Both Julie and Kirsten can also be seen on Saturday at 10am in the Engine Room where Julie will host a panel titled 'Girl you'll Be A Woman Soon'. Also on the panel will be Castlemaine author Jenny Valentish and Melbourne based YA author Nicole Hayes

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bendigo writer Julie Proudfoot's debut novel won the Seizure Literary Journal's Viva La Novella Prize earlier this year. And its quickly apparent why the novel has distinguished itself. Read more.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Past, Present and Future is the fortnightly series of posts in which I invite a very special guest to grab a cup of tea and come time travelling with me. I ask someone bookish to tell me about a book from their past, the book they’re reading now, and a book they’re planning to read soon. Hence the name – past, present and future.
It seems pretty much everyone’s talking about this fortnight’s guest, Julie Proudfoot. She’s the author of The Neighbour
 – one of four novellas published as a part of Seizure’s second Viva la Novella competition. Here’s what Julie’s been reading. Read more.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014
To win a national prize for your first attempt at long-formed fiction writing is quite an accomplishment for any writer, but this is exactly what happened to Bendigo writer Julie Proudfoot. In June of this year Julie was announced as a winner in the 2014 Seizure Viva La Novella Prize, part of The Emerging Writers’ Festival in Melbourne for her novella: The Neighbour. 

Julie has been a writer and blogger for some years now and has had fiction, non-fiction, and poetry works published in many national and international journals, including an interview with the late Elizabeth Jolley. 
The Neighbour began as a project titled Drowning in a novel writing class. The class trurned out to be a waste of time however Julie continued working on the story. Once completed, an editor suggested it be submitted for the prize, there was a title change and The Neighbour became a winner.
In her teens, Julie first expressed her interest in becoming a writer to a friend. When asked "What woud you write?" Julie replied "Don't know, I haven't lived enough." Since that time she has graduated with degrees in Psychology and Sociology from La Trobe University, worked as a book seller, creative writing mentor, property manager and dental nurse. These experiences, particularly her psychology background now feed into her work.
As well as launching The Neighbour at the upcoming Bendigo Writers Festivalin August, Julie will be chairing a panel titled Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon. 
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